Monday, September 19, 2011

Okay Urban Decay, you win.

I ordered from Urban Decay during their recent sale. My item was oversold, so they promised me a full refund and also gave me a code for $20 and free shipping. I did have to follow up on my refund to actually receive it, but they did come through. I'm not a huge UD fan. I now own 2 UD products - The product to be reviewed in this post (Eyelash Primer Potion) and Eyeshadow Primer Potion, both of which I recommend. UD does make a quality product, it's just most UD things are a little rich for my blood ($17 for one shadow, $50-ish for a palette of 15 shadows in which I only really like 3 of the colors...) Now, I would buy a shadow for $17 if the color just CALLED to me and I had nothing like it in my collection, but so far I haven't found one from UD that I feel that way about. Anyways, back to the point. I had a free $20 to spend at UD. I spent exactly $20, so with free shipping, I didn't spend a dime. This is what I "purchased":

Urban Decay does have some pretty packaging, no argument there.

(And mascara on top of the primer, of course)

My findings: I like this product. It's hard to see with my clearly pro photo skillz, so I will describe my findings. The primer did increase the length of my lashes by maybe a millimeter or 2, but you can really notice it in person. It made my mascara go on blacker and made my lashes fuller and shinier. There was definitely a difference using the primer than not. Will I use it? To the last drop. Will I re-purchase? I don't know. Maybe. I definitely want to use it more to decide. My lashes are already pretty damn long with the mascara I use, and I also like the way my lashes look without the primer. It's more of a soft look without the primer.

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