Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Are you a good witch? Or a bad witch? Dark Heart Designs Halloween collection review & swatches!

I'm sort of in love with Halloween, and when I saw the Good Witch/Bad Witch collection from Dark Heart Designs, it was a must have. I ordered the sample set of that and 5 gel eyeliners. This was also my first ever order from Dark Heart, so I will be reviewing them from different aspects, and not just on the Halloween collection. The swatches in this post will be from the Halloween collection only, however. I will tackle gel liners and the other 3 shades I own in a different post. Let's get started!

SHIPPING: Was fast. I paid on a Monday (late at night, so basically Tuesday) and received my order that Saturday. Dark Heart has a couple new listing/shipping procedures in place, and from my experience, it's working famously.

PACKAGING: The items arrived to me in perfect condition. The liners are shrink wrapped, which is very nice. Along with the items I ordered, I received a brochure, cosmetics care guide, business card, coupon for my next purchase, individual ingredient cards for the liners, and a nice personal "thank you" note.



MAN I hate it when my swatches suck. Some days I just can't get it right! Top 1/3 of swatch was done over TFSI, middle over NYX in Milk, and bottom over NYX in Black Bean. I also foiled these (not pictured) so I could truly see these in all aspects and get a good description/opinion going. Below are some descriptions, so hopefully that helps. 

 Descriptions (white print is the description from Dark Heart, and RED is my take on the color)

Jadis - The Chronicles of Narnia - Silvery white w/ blue sheen & aqua sparkle. It's a pretty glittery white. I don't really see a blue sheen, but I do see tons of aqua sparklies, making it very pretty shade!

Elphaba - Wizard of Oz/Wicked - Green w/red sheen & sparkle. This sparkly green does have a very subtle red sheen. I was hoping the sheen would be a lot more noticeable, but it is still a beautiful sparkly green.

Eva - The Witches - Black w/ purple sheen & sparkle. Deep purple with tons of purple (maybe pink?) sparklies. Fantastic color foiled or over a sticky base. However, it would not adhere to bare skin or skin with just primer. Make sure to use this one with a tacky base!

Anna - Season of the Witch - Brown w/ blue sheen & copper sparkle. This one is MY FAVORITE. I love it SO. HARD. It looks purplish to me at some angles, blue at others, but keeps a neutral tone as it's backbone. It's like purplebrownblueEXPLOSION. I would say this is the most complex shade in the gang, so of course it's my favorite. I put it on my face immediately <3

Glinda - Good witch of the North - Pastel Pink w/ red sheen & silver sparkle. Pretty pastel sparkly pink! Another one where I wish the sheen was more pronounced, but I think I can sort of see it.

Samantha - Bewitched - Peach w/ purple shift & sparkle. Okay, this one I see the shift! Quite a gorgeous shade, one of my favorites!

Sabrina - The Teenage Witch - Plum w/ blue sheen & sparkle. Not quite as deep a purple as Eva. I can see a subtle blue shift.

Kiki - Kiki's Delivery Service - Blue w/ red sheen & sparkles. Meet my other favorite in this collection! Beautiful slate blue with a visible red shift. Ahhhh!!

Here is a very quick eye look I did with Anna and Glinda: 

Anna looks blue in the photo. Like I said, it's quite the little changer!

OVERALL THOUGHTS (COMPANY): My experience with Dark Heart was fantastic. The owner was very communicative and a pleasure to work with. My shipping was fast, my order was packed well, lots of extras in the package shows the care and thought that goes into every order. 

OVERALL THOUGHTS (COLLECTION): I really like the BW/GW Halloween collection. #1, the collection idea is really unique; #2, the shadows are all very pretty, and some of them right up my alley with their complexity! I do wish a few had more INYOFACE shifts/sheen.

I will be ordering again...and again...and again :) 

You can purchase from Dark Heart Designs HERE

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Disclaimer: All products were purchased by me, aside from standard freebie samples included in the order. All opinions are my own, and I am not compensated for my reviews.


  1. So pretty. That's my kind of sparkle. Love the look you did.

  2. Thank you so much for the review, and the honest feedback! I'm definitely going to work on those shades that you said needed a little more shift, work on the base with the ones you had adherence problems with, and so on. Thanks for letting me know what needs work!