Saturday, April 21, 2012

My new custom chaos pendant from Phloxy Lee!

I'm completely smitten with a new jewelry shop called Phloxy Lee! I thought I would do a quick post and just show you the necklace I snagged :) 

Custom chaos pendant!

My makeup has done melted off by this point in the day. Also, I'm still working on this whole "smile without looking creepy/like you just farted" phenomenon. My deepest and most sincere apologies for my face.

Basically I just love this jewelry company. The owner/creator is extremely talented, and although fairly new to online sales, I understand she has been creating jewelry for quite a while. It shows. 

My necklace was custom, and within a matter of a few days it was shipped out to me! Customer service is fantastic. I asked for a custom piece, spent a few e-mails back-and-forth working out what I wanted with the owner, she crafted it for me and sent it out posthaste. She also stayed in touch to make sure it got to me okay (it had delivery confirmation, but USPS being the fickle bitch it is never updated the status, however that wizardy works). The price was great. I paid $10 for this one and a few bucks in shipping. It's a great feeling to be completely satisfied with everything from a shop from price, service, and quality. Everything is there, seriously. 

Will I buy more? Hell yes. If you want to check out some of Phloxy Lee's awesome pieces, you can find them on Facebook (link below). For the time being, pieces are viewed on Facebook, and through e-mailing the owner, you can get an Paypal invoice. So, go lurk on the page and bask in the awesomeness of all the pretties. 

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