Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Metal Glam Cosmetics Review

Good evening, dear reader. I wasn't gone as long this time in between posts, and for that I am proud. However, I hope to get to the point where I am doing a couple posts a week....I'm not holding my breath, though.

I'm here to share with you my experience with another indie makeup company called Metal Glam Cosmetics. I happened upon them on Facebook, and I love trying different companies, and also their shadows looked very pretty, so I contacted the owner about purchasing a sample pack for review. I ended up purchasing a $5 "grab bag." Shipping was $7 from Canada. Man I hate shipping :( But, of course, no fault of the company, as the actual shipping ended up being pretty damn close to what I was charged. Ordering is done through Metal Glam's Facebook page/e-mail. I received my makeups in a reasonable amount of time, although I forget the actual ship/receive date, I know I didn't wait long. So, turn around time I would say is very acceptable. I received 5 sample baggies and 2 pigments in jars. The pigments in jars had different amounts in them. I assume one to be a sample jar and one to be a full size. Just so you have an idea of what I received :) Here are some product photos:

The little blue stars on top of the jars are a cute touch. Sample baggies appear to have approximately 1/8 tsp of product. I didn't measure it, I just used my acquired sample eyes ^_^ Labels are handwritten. Ingredient information is not included, and no sifters in jars (which I don't care about because I hate sifters, but just to note). Jars had a small piece of clear tape to help ensure they didn't come loose during shipping. SWATCH TIME!

The flash photo is not labeled, but are in the same order as the outside, no flash photo, so refer to that! Swatches were done over Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy.

The colors I received are very pretty, and very pigmented! I adore Lucid Dream and Primma Donna, but I love the others as well! Even over bare skin (not shown) they go on very pigmented and have good adherence. Formula-wise, I would say they are good. They applied fairly nicely to the lid. Here is a quick eye look I did!

Again, one with flash, one without. I used Primma Donna, Lucid Dream, and Heavy Load. I am surprised at how much I actually liked the look I created, and then the ultimate kick to the throat - One eye done and I had to be at an appointment in 5 MINUTES. Who has been there?? So, sadly, I had to immediately take it off and rush out the door :( Sad day, I wanted to show this look off to the world. I guess I kind of am right now, right? RIGHT?

~Metal Glam Cosmetics Overview~

Pros: Pigmented colors, I liked the colors, good formula, good adherence. Overall, a good product and pretty pretty sparkly colors >.< Prices are comparable to other indies.

Cons: I would like to see a little more put into the packaging. While some attention to detail is there (the cute stars, tape so they don't undo in shipping) I prefer to see a printed label and maybe shrink wrap instead of the scotch tape. I also would prefer a more user-friendly ordering system in place, such as a website, instead of the ordering via e-mail/Facebook thing. It's not a huge deal, just my preference.

Overall: I had a pleasant experience with Metal Glam Cosmetics. The owner was a pleasure to work with, TAT was decent, and I liked the products I received. I would purchase from this company again, based on my experience. Also I know they have some newer colors, and I'm definitely going to check out what they have and see if there is anything in particular that speaks to me =^.^=

You can find Metal Glam Cosmetics on their Facebook page to look at more colors, swatches, descriptions, pricing, ordering information, or just to say hi.

Disclaimer: All products were purchased by me. I was not compensated for review.

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