Friday, December 9, 2011

Sometimes I should blog just for the sake of blogging. A couple FOTDs that I consider WIN.

Two FOTDs in one post. I think we can agree this counts as 2 posts, and therefore I am totally on track with my blogging career. ON WITH IT THEN.

This past Saturday we went to a Christmas festival. It was absolutely lame, but at least I had an excuse to wear makeup? Worth it. We also got a family photo, which is always unexpected. I got to use my new Fyrinnae shadow, Bride of Frankenstein on the lid, with a random High Voltage lighter blue shadow blended out on top. The pink is Dollipop from Sugarpill. The awesome lip color is Evil Shades Bane, and it is my new favorite pink.

Really, after forcing a hat onto him, the rest of the photo session went quite smoothly. 

Then, later in the week, me and my fiance attended his company's Christmas dinner. Hell yeah, let's be social, un-awkward beautiful butterflies for just one night, babe! Here's a fun little recap of the night...

I....was not meant to be let out in public. Honestly, although I fully appreciate the sentiment of the dinner provided by his company, and the chance to try buffalo prime rib for the first time, it was incredibly awkward for me. Also, I had a killer headache after the whole thing from trying to turn my head to the side so I didn't make eye contact with anyone for like, an hour. TRUE STORY. Really, I am like this in every social situation, so it wasn't any different than anything else I've tried to bust out of my shell and do/attend. I just thought it would be. (Why?? No one knows.) At any rate, I think my makeup for the night turned out pretty nice, and I would like to share it with you :) 


I used all Sugarpill for this look. Tiara on the lid, Royal Sugar on the outer lid, and a dusting of Goldilux on the inner lid. I think it was very holiday-ish, yes? Note to self: If you are going to plaster your face all up in the internet's biznass, have a freshly waxed stache, k? K. Let's just move past my epic facial hair, shall we? 

Anyways, thank you all for reading and staring at my face. 

Comic made by me using comic builder


  1. You look beautiful in both looks!
    Buffalo is the yummeh but I'm biased. lol
    I'm pretty social but not with strangers....I do not like being trapped in large groups of people I do not know. Maybe you'd do better with smaller more non work related socializing.

  2. Very pretty! I like how you wing your liner on the first one, and I looove the Jack Skellington photo. The cartoons are great too ;)

  3. Evil Angel, honestly I would be hard pressed to say I even thought there was a difference in flavor between beef and buffalo, but yeah, it was good :) Also, I can be social with the right people...sort of. Basically other awkward people. I have a couple friends, you know, but even in small groups I'm like...derpy XD Thank you internet! And thanks for thinkin i'z purty :o)

    Thank you for the kind words DHD :D:D You are like, the biggest freakin' sweetheart XD

  4. Hey Nikki, I nominated you for a Liebster Blog Award, check out all the info here xx