Thursday, January 19, 2012

A little bit of Darling Girl

I placed another smallish order from Darling Girl Cosmetics, because I really wanted to try out the Aqua Liners (out of stock at the moment), being the liner whore I am. Seriously, if I could only use one makeup product for the rest of my life, it would be eyeliner hands down. A good liner is like GOLD in my opinion. So, I picked up Mermaid Tails Aqua Liner, Mochi shadow, and received 2 free samples with my order, Garden of Weedin' shadow and Man Candy blush. 

L-R natural light: Mermaid Tails Aqua Liner, Garden of Weedin', Mochi
L-R indoors w/flash: Mermaid Tails Aqua Liner, Garden of Weedin', Mochi
Man Candy blush, heavy on left, blended out on right, outdoors in natural light

And indoors with flash
I've reviewed the eye shadows before, so I'll make it short and sweet and say again that they are gorgeous, pigmented, and of great quality. This is my first time trying DG blush, and I have to say that all the same applies! 

Now, I'd like to spotlight the liner since liquid liners in the indie world seem to be few and far between. I really like this liner.There are a few things I like about it. I love the color, of course, but most important for me is I really like the formula. It's liquid without being runny, and it dries relatively quickly. Once it's dry, it stays put. It's very pigmented and really gives me that POP of color I want when using a colored liner. You can really tell it's there. The applicator is a stiff, but bendable, felt tip applicator. I honestly expected the applicator to have more softness and "give" so to speak than it actually does, but then again I've never used a felt applicator so I don't know how they are really supposed to feel. I think I like the applicator, despite that. It just took a minute to get used to. It was really easy to apply and I could actually get a wing going, so that makes me happy as hell. I really hope these get put back in the DGC shop soon, because I would love to own more. 

I'm actually wearing the liner today, but no face pics for you, because my face is dumb right now. But be assured, my liner is bad ass. 


  1. I will have to check her liners out.. I love crazy colored liners.. As for the felt tip.. I have been using The Body Shop black liquid eyeliner forever.. and they use a tip like that.. it eventually will get softer with use.. I love them!! Thanks for the review I hope they come back in stock soon.

    1. I'm so glad to hear that it will get softer!

  2. Oh I love felt tip liners, I may have to look into these! I have Man Candy blush, it's fabulous! So are all the other DGC blushes I have, I highly recommend them :)

  3. Yep I can't wait to use the blush, it's quite pretty and more wearable than I thought it would be! I think I might pick up a full size in the future :)

  4. Awesome. I had no idea that Darling Girl had liquid liners. I've been wanting to try them out b/c everybody raves about DG but now that I know about these liners I will definitely have to get some. Thanks for the swatch!