Saturday, July 23, 2011

50 FB Fans Giveaway!

It's time! You guys kick ass, I can't believe I am past 50 fans so quickly on Facebook! The giveaway rules are super simple. To be eligable, you must do 4 things:

1. LIKE my Facebook page.
2. FOLLOW my blog.
3. REPOST about this giveaway on your Facebook page, linking my page of course!
4. COMMENT on this blog post confirming you have done the above 3 things, and the name you like me on FB as! Oh, and your e-mail so I have a way to contact the winner! The winner will have 48 hours to e-mail me back their address, or I will re-"draw" another winner (all via

That's it! Easy right? Giveaway will be closed 1 week from now, so get your entry in before next Saturday, July 30, 11:59 p.m. Everyone gets ONE entry for doing the above 4 things. This giveaway IS open internationally (Yay!). There is more prize info on the Shadows*N*Stitches Facebook page, but long story short it includes products from Glamour Doll Eyes, Shiro Cosmetics, High Voltage Cosmetics, and a couple little extras I picked up at the store today ;)

Ready, set, go!


  1. Done, done, & done! I'm glad I happened across your page, can't wait to look into your reviews! I love finding independent companies, and I think you'll be a big help in that department. :)
    Name on FB: Amber Boswell

  2. CONGRATS!! :D I love your swatches! <3

    FB- hermelinda valentine doniaz
    Posted on my fanpage-


  3. hooray! I can't wait to see more reviews and swatches!! <3

    FB name: Sarah Ashley Hatton

  4. 1. Liked your FB page under name Ash Jordan
    2. I am a fan of this page under the name bballqueen0744
    3. Reposted the link on my FB page:!/profile.php?id=100002075450749

    My email is:

    Thank you for this great giveaway!!!

  5. check, check, and check(:
    FBname: Klaudia Erszebet Henriquez DeRais (kinda long, sorry)

    Thank you for this opportunity, your blog is awesome, btw<3

  6. Step 1: DONE
    Step 2: DONE
    Step 3: DONE
    *I put the following website on my FBook page..!/profile.pho?id=100002075450749

    Step 4: DONE

    Looking forward to this site. I know I'm gonna get some of my inspiration from you!!!! (:

  7. Oops...
    My name on FBook is: Brittany Jensen
    My email addy is:

  8. Done! What a great opportunity!
    FB name: Candace Mikesell

  9. I hope I did everything right. :D

    April Dennis

  10. Yay.. I like makeup, especially makeup I've won.

  11. Stefanie malvin.... Oops. Forgot to put that part

  12. I've compleated all of the requirements. I love the name Shadows*n*Stitches as your FB name. It's unique and an attention grabber. My e-mail address is RANDYMTII@YAHOO.COM

  13. I think I did all'em. Here's to you!

  14. I think shadows n stitches is you my dear! I like seeing all your pretty shadows and you keep me in stitches haha :)

  15. Monica's Entry (See my FB page for details)

  16. Lori's Entry (See my FB page for details)

  17. All done!
    Liked you on facebook as: Malissa Hare
    Following you as: coin-operated-girl
    email address is:
    i hope i wiiiiinnnn!!!!