Friday, July 29, 2011

FOTD feat. Shiro Cosmetics and High Voltage Cosmetics

I was fixin to do some zombie-inspired makeup (see: GLAM GLITTER ZOMBIE) today, because that is how I have felt this week. Like a zombie. Wandering around aimlessly, lethargic, without a purpose, really not getting anything done, and randomly eating people (okay, not the last part). I only imagine this is what it would feel like to be a zombie, if zombies had feelings, and I don't think they do, but you get the idea I hope. A more accurate description for my week would be "I feel like shit" but honestly no one wants to see a poop look, and if you do, keep it to yourself. Now, I say WAS going to do zombie-inspired, because when I was about to put on my face today, my honey came home with presents and wanted to go to dinner.

Um, YAY! So, for one, I didn't particularly feel like scaring the waitress with my zombie makeup, and for two it made me feel super cheery, so I decided to just grab a handful of happy colors from Shiro and make it werrrrk *snap snap*

On my eyes I used Porygon, Clefairy, Emancipation Grid, Moosh, Conservation of Momentum, and Puzzle Cube from Shiro. On my lips I have my favorite lippie, Jesse's Girl from High Voltage, the lip candy that got me addicted to nude lip colors!

This is definitely not my favorite look I have done. I would go as far as saying it's "all jacked up" (which, I believe, is the technical term). But, if you look from far away, and kinda squint, it looks a bit pretty, and that works for me because people don't need to be all up in mah face anyways.

As far as the products, Shiro and High Voltage are 2 of my favoritest companies. Honestly, the only reason I haven't done reviews & swatches on them is because I have 75 shadows from Shiro, and probably more from High Voltage, which is a little daunting. I will do it though, I will.

And even though I am un-zombified for the day (see how I brought that full circle? Yeah ya do) I really loved my idea for zombie-inspired makeup, so I think I will try and do that soon. Maybe tomorrow. No promises, though.


  1. The nude lip looks really great on you. Are there any 'colors' that you also like to use and what are they? Ooh, and what are your thoughts on lip stain?

  2. Eye-wise I love ALL colors lol. I have so many different colors in lippies, but my faves for the moment are nude, orange, red, and hot pink :D I actually have some interesting purples and blues and golds and greens, but I'm having a hard time transitioning into the wilder lip colors. And I freakin LOVE lip stains. Stains are my fave lip product of all time, but I only have 2 in my collection!

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