Friday, July 15, 2011

Concrete Minerals Review+Swatches+EOTD

A few months ago I was the lucky winner of a giveaway from The Raven and the Rose, and a part of my prize was 3 eyeshadow samples from Concrete Minerals! I didn't want to overwhelm myself with my first swatch&review post, so I chose a brand I only had a few shades from so I could get a feel for what I was doing. Here are the pots I received:

And the innards (I removed the sifters):

L2R: Lolita, Temptress, Smut
These samples have a TON of product in them! Here are some swatches: 

L2R: Lolita, Temptress, Smut. Swatched over UDPP
Descriptions (Taken from Concrete Minerals site): 
Lolita: Shimmery taupe w/pink undertones
Temptress: Dark teal w/gold sparkle
Smut: Dark silver w/pink-purple undertones

WOW. Just looking at the shadows in their pots, I did not expect to like them as much as I ended up liking them. I would not have chosen Lolita or Smut based on their site descriptions alone, esp. Lolita. I would have been all "eww, neutral." But seriously, I am glad I got them. They have so much more beauty and depth than mere descriptions or even swatches can capture, and I will totally use them all! These are truly gorgeous shades, they apply super smoothly, and they blend effortlessly. Here is a quick eye I did using all 3 colors: 

Smut on lid, Lolita blended outward, Temptress foiled and used as a liner  
My overall thoughts: I totally plan on buying from Concrete Minerals. If I am sent 3 random shades and love each one, imagine how awesome it is going to be when I choose the shades >.< My favorite of the 3 is definitely Smut. It is wonderfully unique. I do wish CM offered samples or smaller sizes of shadows, but the size they offer for the price ($7 for 10 gram pot) is actually quite a deal, as you get a TON of product!

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