Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sundara Cosmetics: Review, Swatches, and a couple eye looks!

Another review already. Yeah, I mean business. Srsbsns. So I took advantage of Sundara Cosmetics' 4th of July sale and purchased a 10-pack of samples. Sundara can be purchased through their Etsy shop HERE or from their website HERE. I had been wanting to try them, as it looked like they had some great bright matte colors available, and I do not own a lot of matte colors. My 10-pack of samples cost me $5.75 shipped and got here very quickly! I read that Sundara is discontinuing samples shortly, but that's okay (although I love samples because it helps me decide what I want full sizes of) because their 3-gram jars and 5-gram jars are very reasonably priced. The samples are sent in baggies, but of course I potted mine in jars:
L-R: Bindi, Saffron, Turmeric, Hasti, Amla

L-R: Mint Mojito, Siahi, Raja, Brinjal, Lotus
 The little labels fit perfect on the back of my pots :)
Sundara does something I LOVE LOVE LOVE when a company does, which is prints on each label whether a color is lip safe or not lip safe. Again, LOVE this.

I did a swatch of each, over UDPP of course:

L-R: Bindi, Saffron, Turmeric, Hasti, Amla

L-R: Mint Mojito, Siahi, Raja, Brinjal, Lotus
So, I love these mattes. I have always been a little scared of mattes, but these were super smooth and easy to blend. They didn't feel chalky at all, and they were all quite pigmented. I did have one exception to the OMG I NEED THESE IN MY LIFE attitude, and that was Raja (as you can probably see from my swatch). I don't know what it was, but I had the hardest time getting it to...what's the word...adhere to? stick to? stay on? skin. I am thinking maybe using an epoxy or even a white creamy base would have alleviated the problem, and I will have to revisit this color, because it is really a gorgeous royal blue, and I do want this color on mah face. I think these would pop even more over a white base. Anywho, even just over a primer these look amazing, I love the rainbow of colors I chose, and I definitely want full sizes of Hasti, Amla, Siahi, and Mint Mojito. Here is what I did with them today:

Bindi, Saffron, Turmeric

Mint Mojito, Hasti, Siahi
Sorry for the crummy pictures, but you get the idea.

VERDICT: I totally plan on ordering from Sundara Cosmetics again. The colors I used were very easy to work with and I felt like I had a rainbow on my face. They were soft, smooth, blended easily, and were very pigmented. They are very reasonably priced ($3 for a 3-gram jar, $5 for a 5-gram jar), and I love that they offer the 2 different sizes.

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  1. O wow, these colors look amazing!!!! I love them! I love glitters, but as I am on my first steps to wrinkleville these bright mattes are just what I have been looking for! Never heard of Sundara Cosmetics before, but I am going to check them out right now!