Saturday, August 27, 2011

I wanna be a ZOMBIE! My Pretty Zombie swatches!

A little bit ago, I came upon the Etsy seller, My Pretty Zombie. I don't remember when, or how, but I do know that my life will never be the same. I was kind of in a makeup funk for the past couple of weeks, hence the lack of posts, but this brought me out of it and then some. I randomly decided to swatch all 34 of my MPZ pigments that have been lazing around on my makeup shelf for a bit from when I purchased them on sale a while ago. I purchased 33 samples and received a free potted sample. The other samples came in baggies, and i potted them of course. Per MPZ, "These are good size samples also. Enough to last you for a while so you can really get a feel for it!" What an understatement! I mean, I don't EXPECT large samples from every company, because of course it's supposed to be just that - A sample to decide whether you want a full size or not - But it is always such a treat when you get large samples :D I would say these have at LEAST 1/4 tsp of product in them, maybe more? Anyways, I was really pleased. Here are some nummy swatches:

Row 1(top): New Bruise, Scurvy, Wicked Crochet, Custom Zombie
Row 2 (middle): Thundernuts, Katrink, Miasma, Old Bruise
Row 3 (bottom): Grimdeva, Gangrenous, Monstrous Industry, Hangover

Row 1 (top): Thunderpants, Rash, Murder, Bride
Row 2: Unicorn Pee, MNG #1, Disquiet, Mad Cow
Row 3: Static, My Pretty Zombie, New Age Dolls, 996
Row 4 (bottom): Agonys Decay, Black Eye, Tarayvonne

Top: Hoof and Mouth, Anthrax, MNG#3, MNG#2
Bottom: Moist, Illustrated Ink, Maryjane

This is just an up close picture of Tarayvonne to show how awesome it is and also how my swatch pictures do NOT do these colors justice...but I didn't realize how shitty they were until I uploaded the pictures and washed all the pretties offa mah hands :*(

All swatches were swatched over NYX pencil in Milk. 

In summary, MPZ is AMAZING. They have a lot of colors that I haven't seen from other companies, and I am always looking for that "something special" I haven't seen before. I am extremely impressed with this company and the products, and I would recommend them to everyone and anyone. In particular, Wicked Crochet is...well it's fuckin' WICKED. I love it. I need it in my life forever. Seriously I'm pretty much embarrassed at how my swatches turned out, you don't even know. My favorites from this batch are Wicket Crotchet, Tarayvonne, and Anthrax.

Would I order again? Why yes, I plan on ordering the rest of what I didn't order the first time, which is pretty rare for me to say with a company. There are a select few companies that earn that OMG I GOTTA HAVE IT ALL rank, and this is definitely one of them.

For better shade descriptions and more information, check out the store (linked in the first paragraph of this post), and for christmas sake at least pick up a sample pack of 3...hell it's only $3, a great way to try out my newest addition to "favoritest companies," and I really don't think you will regret it :D

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