Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Simply Kendra Cosmetics - Some Late-Night Swatchy Fun!

I recently purchased Starry Night from Simply Kendra, and was sent 3 sample pigments along with it. (Her samples were very generous, by the way!) Here is their story:

Top to Bottom - Yeti, Ballerina Betty, Starry Night, Naughty Librarian

All were swatched over a white creamy base, with the exception of Yeti, because I felt that would be silly. Yeti was swatched over UDPP.

Surprisingly, my favorite is Ballerina Betty! I never would have ordered this color, just based on the fact I prefer more bold shades. But, I looooove it! It's super soft, blendable, "creamy," fairly opaque, and super pretty, and it so suits the name. I cannot wait to do an eye look with BB and Yeti, I think they look beautiful together!

Starry night is very pretty, but for me it took a little work to bring out the super-sparkle. I couldn't get the desired look with Pixie Epoxy, but NYX in Milk as a base really seemed to do the trick and hold the glitter best. Also a very fitting name!

Naughty Librarian is a medium, glittery purple, although not nearly as glittery as Starry Night. While I like it, surprisingly it was my least favorite of this bunch. While a gorgeous shade, it didn't "wow" me like I thought it would. I think I may just have a few similar shades in my collection.

Starry Night all over mah EYE
Final Thoughts: I really liked the shadows I tried, and I am definitely going to order some more from Simply Kendra. I see a ton on her site that I really want to try! Prices are very fair, and shipping was lightning fast. Oh, and did I mention that Ballerina Betty is amazing? If I did, I didn't mention it enough. THE END.

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  1. The Naughty Librarian looks pretty good to me :p But then again, I do love books, so maybe it's predestinated ;-)