Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Sugarpill Sweetheart Palette

So, I finally got a Sugarpill palette (yay!). I wasn't planning on doing a review, mainly because there are so many wonderful swatches and reviews of the Sugarpill palettes out there I didn't feel I had anything to add. I am doing this review strictly for one person, a friend of mine who wanted to know from me my honest opinion of this palette. If anyone else benefits from this review, all the better! So, this will be short and sweet, but I hope you enjoy it <3

PIGMENTATION: I will let the picture speak for itself on that one. Swatched over UDPP.

L-R: Dollipop, Afterparty, Midori, Tako
 Now, let's look past the gross hand hair, if we could for a moment. These are highly pigmented, but I expected that. What I didn't know for some weird reason, is that Afterparty and Midori are shimmery. I thought these were all mattes. WHAAAT? Anyways, love them all. And Tako is the most amazing matte white. Ever. Dollipop is SO pigmented and SO bright. Holy crap, I love that pink. Afterparty and Midori are both very pretty, as you can plainly see :)

Super-cute palette packaging!
The next point I would like to address is pricing. Initially, people tend to think Sugarpill is a bit pricy. HOWEVER, for the amount of product you get combined with the quality, it is really quite a steal. The palettes retail for $34, making it $8.50 per shadow. Even if you purchase them individually at $12, they are 100% worth it. Here's the picture that will convince most people of those statements:

Bottom right is a MAC refill pan, shown to compare size.
Don't adjust your screen, they ARE that huge. Mac: 0.05 oz. for around...uhh...$14? I think so. Sugarpill: 0.14 oz. for $8.50-$12. Anyways, I'm no genius, but that seems like a pretty decent deal. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE MAC. Just trying to show Sugarpill's affordability in comparison >.<

Afterparty, Tako, Midori, and my FAVORITE loose eyeshadow from Sugarpill, GOLDILUX!
Whoa, manfacepic. So that is my sort-of review, in all it's sort-of glory. P.S., I can't wait to get the Burning Heart palette <3


  1. very nice....i have gotten lots of stuff from them as well....burning heart was my first palette and i was totaly sold
    so i went ahead and bought sweetheart, bullet proof and goldilux
    if you get time check my blog as well...just starting out too
    my blog is www.beautytablet.wordpress.com
    catch ya later

  2. I have everything from SP except burning heart, bulletproof, and asylum. I am dying to complete my collection :-)