Friday, August 26, 2011

This is Halloween...Rag Dolls Bath & Beauty Halloween Collection Review!

Recently I was offered the awesome opportunity to review the upcoming Halloween collection from Rag Dolls Bath & Beauty. I gladly accepted of course! The collection is based on Nightmare Before Christmas and is entitled This is Halloween. *SWOON* It consists of 5 matte shades and 1 cosmetic glitter. Here's what I got:
Freakin' cutest packaging! It arrived in a bubble mailer and was very well packaged.

My 6 samples in clamshells, which I prefer over baggies, especially since I'm out of pots :D

I love the clamshell labels....BATTIES! Each one had a really good amount of product.

L-R: What's This?, Oogie Boogie, Pumpkin King , In the Dead of Night, Nightmare, Lock, Shock & Barrel
Swatches were done over ELF eye primer, with the exception of the glitter for which I used Pixie Epoxy.

The Shadows: The matte shadows are pretty damn great. They are smooth, apply with a fair amount of ease, and aren't chalky. They are pretty opaque, although I would recommend maybe a white base for more POP and opacity with In the Dead of Night. I did have one exception, which was Nightmare, which is the matte black. I experienced some trouble with both adherence and opacity with this one, and I had a harder time picking up color with my brush. It wasn't a huge problem, but I just thought I would make note that I found it to be slightly different than the rest. Still, though, it is NOT chalky at all. And, surprisingly, when I applied it over Pixy Epoxy (which usually doesn't work great with mattes) it went over fantastic and became quite opaque. 

The Glitter: Lock, Shock & Barrel is an eye-safe cosmetic glitter, and it is quite amazing! It's a little indescribable for me, but it's got tons of colors and I just love it, so see my photos to come to your own conclusions. It's super fun :D

Here are a couple eye looks I did using these products:

What's This? with a matte white from another company on lid and Oogie Boogie under eye

Nightmare with Lock, Shock & Barrel as a liner
These colors will be available from Rag Dolls Bath & Beauty on October 1. Based on this experience, I plan on buying from this company. Their prices are reasonable ($5.95/5gm jar), the product is good, and their shop has some more fun colors I am dying to try.

My 2 favorite colors were What's This? and Oogie Boogie, which means you can have a chance to win a full size of both of these colors! Rag Dolls Bath & Beauty has offered to sponsor my 2 favorites out of this collection for my contest currently going on over at my Facebook page! If you want a chance to win, go to Shadows*N*Stitches and check out the Halloween Makeup Contest album. Yay!

*These products were sent to me free of charge for consideration and review. This does not affect my opinion or influence this review. All opinions are my own.


  1. OMG I need this collection! That orange looks amazing!

  2. The orange really is a unique matte shade, I love it as well :D

  3. Anything based on 'The Nightmare Before Christmas', and I'm instantly sold. The colors look incredible, and I love 'Lock, Shock, and Barrel'- the shadow and the characters. ;)