Thursday, August 11, 2011

More Sugarpill...MUCH MUCH MOAR (pic heavy)

A momentous event - both in my blogging career and my personal life - happened recently. You see, I did a quicksy review of the Sugarpill Sweetheart Palette that I purchased recently, and Amy (owner of said brand) posted my review on the Sugarpill Facebook fan page. I pert near crapped my pants in excitement. Seriously, on my list of Nikki's Most Exciting Life Events it goes 1. Birth of child. 2. Amy posting my review. 3. That one time I found a perfectly good Depeche Mode CD right outside my car door in a parking lot. For those of you who don't know, Sugarpill was founded by Amy, or Shrinkle, who exudes talent and gorgeousness (see: fucking fabulousness) from her every pore, assuming she has pores, and since she is perfect, she might not. Anywhoz, I have followed (and despite what you may think, I mean that in the least stalkerish way imaginable) Shrinkle for 6+ years through Ebay and now through Sugarpill (and still Ebay). By follow I mean I bought her shit and was inspired by her fashion and makeup. I purchased my first bright QUALITY makeup (Kryolan) through her Ebay store, and my journey for the search of bright, bold makeup began. Thank you, Amy! Now that I am through gushing, lets get to the bare bones of this post.

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, (see: several months ago sitting on my couch)  I became the proud owner of 17 loose eyeshadows from Sugarpill. Yes, I know there are 18. I have absolutely nothing against Asylum, it was just out of stock when I got my shadows. I guess having my review posted on the Sweetheart Palette finally gave me the motivation to swatch and review all my loose shadows.

A little bit of information about these shadows/Sugarpill as a company: These are all VEGAN. I haven't been addressing that point in my other reviews, and I really should have been telling you guys whether the shadows I review in a particular post are or are not vegan. I dropped the ball there, and I apologize, as I know that really matters to some people. I am really in love with the majority of these colors. Another thing to note is that Sugarpill has AMAZING customer service. I have never had the need to have an issue addressed, but I have seen a few (very few, BTW) being addressed on the FB page, and what I see amazes me. Sugarpill has over 60,000 FB likes, and yet can still offer tremendous customer service. I have seen companies with much fewer customers not offer the same level of service. One more thing I truly appreciate about Sugarpill, is Amy (I assume that is who posts on the SP fan page, as I have no reason to assume otherwise) appreciates and posts a lot of customers' reviews and YT tutorials on her page, usually including a little personal status message above it. No matter how little influence you may think you have (COUGHUNDER50FOLLOWERSCOUGH) she lets you know that you are of importance to her brand and she values your opinion. What a doll. Here are some swatches:

L-R: Tiara, Goldilux, Stella, Lumi, Hysteric, Weekender, Paperdoll, Magentric, Decora, Birthday Girl, Magpie, Royal Sugar, Starling

L-R: Darling, June Bug, Tipsy, Absinthe
Birthday Girl
Royal Sugar
All swatches were done over ELF Primer and Pixie Epoxy - I couldn't get Paperdoll or Birthday Girl to be as opaque or as bold as the other shadows, but then again they are the softest shades in the bunch. I would recommend using a white base or layering with your epoxy a few times if you want a bolder touch. Which is why I did this:

L-R: Lumi, Paperdoll, Birthday Girl
See, and you thought I was done trying. PD and BG take on new life over a white base. Black base..ehh...not so much. But the black base was for Lumi, seen on the left. I didn't forget about you, Lumi! This bucket of badassery really outdoes itself, changing depending on whether you are on bare skin or black base. You can use it as a highlighter or as a main color as it transforms all turquoise-y over the black! I've seen people do BOTH in 1 look! MADNESS!

I would like to take a moment to spotlight my favorites in the line. First and foremost, GOLDILUX has ruined me for all other golds. It's like a freakin ground up gold bar that applies gorgeously to your lids. No joke, it is my #1. My #2 is Stella, especially as a liner. Holy blackrainbowglittersparkle. I really like Junebug and Royal Sugar.

So, what do you think? Have you purchased any Sugarpill? What is your favorite from the line? What could you see yourself purchasing based on this post? SHAREZIES >>>!

*EDIT: These products were all purchased by me.


  1. They're all gorgeous! I totally want to buy Decora and Darling!

  2. GREAT swatches and AWESOME shadows! i don't have any sugarpill yet, but it is on my I WANTZ!