Monday, August 8, 2011

Persephone Minerals

OHBOYOHBOYOHBOY! I finally got to swatch my small collection of Persephone Minerals! It was well overdue, as they have been sitting on my makeup shelf for quite some time. I'm glad I took the time, because I love them! Here are some photos, along with my thoughts on this company's products:

My samples potted
The samples came in baggies, and of course I potted them. I felt there was a good amount of product for a sample, definitely enough for quite a few uses. Also I got a smokin' deal, because I ordered during a sale of some sort, although the particular sale has escaped my brain.

L-R: Princess Mars, Mars Crystal Power, Floyd Pink, Kyla's Purple, Sailor Venus, Venus Crystal Power, Siren's Song, Sailor Pluto, Teeny Tiny T-Backs, Dank, Pluto Planet Power, Platinum Rainbow
Let me start by generally saying these are fantastic. They all have amazing color payoff and they are so smooth. Also (I bet you never get tired of hearing this one) they are so much more amazing than shown in my swatches. My favorites were Mars Crystal Power, Floyd Pink (which was a freebie and I'm SO glad it was put in my order!), Sailor Pluto, Teeny Tiny T-backs, and Dank. Although, like I said, they are all pretty much glorious. Here is a look I did using Princess Mars, Mars Crystal Power, Floyd Pink, and Platinum Rainbow:

Yes, I forgot my liner at home. Yes, I also forgot my eyelash curler and mascara. BUT, look how purty those colors are! And, seriously, so effortless to apply and blend it was ridiculous.

In summary, YES I would (and plan on) purchasing from Persephone Minerals in the future. Not every color was for me, and a couple I feel I may have cousins of in my MU collection (cousins, mind you, NOT twins), but the quality and beauty of these pigments, along with the depth of most, is just amazing. Also, rumor has it they have a sale upcoming, so if you are thinking of purchasing, now would be a great time! You can find Persephone Minerals at the following interwebs locations (to my knowledge):

Persephone on Artfire

Persephone on Etsy

Persephone on Facebook

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